The Big Necessity

The Big Necessity

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Produced behind closed doors, disposed of discreetly, hidden by euphemism, shit is rarely out in the open in 'civilized' society, but the world of waste a€“ and the people who deal with it, work with it and in it a€“ is a rich one.This book takes us underground to the sewers of New York and London and overground to meet the heroes of Indiaa€™s sanitation movement, American sewage schoolteachers, the Japanese genius at the cutting edge of toilet technology and the biosolids lobbying team. With a journalista€™s nose for story and a campaignera€™s desire for change, Rose George also addresses the politics of this under-reported social and environmental effluent, and the consequences of our reluctance to talk about it. Witty and original, The Big Necessity proves that shit doesna€™t have to be a dirty word.I need the toilet. I assume there is one, though Ia#39;m at a spartan restaurant in the Ivory Coast, in a small town filled with refugees from ... Refugees dona#39;t have much fun but hea#39;s having some now. a#39;Do it ... I do what I have to do, then flush the toilet and forget it, immediately, because I can, and because all my life I have done no anbsp;...

Title:The Big Necessity
Author:Rose George
Publisher:Portobello Books - 2011-05-05


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