The Big Scratch

The Big Scratch

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The Big Scratch is a first novel by Peter DiTomaso that blends tongue in cheek excitement with the stylistic prose of a more sophisticated novel. Meet Nicky Paterson. He's an average guy, living an average life. His middle class existence in a suburban Connecticut town would be the envy of most until it all comes crashing down. A bitter divorce and custody trial made worse by his escalating addiction to alcohol sets Nicky on a course of personal destruction. Enter Tawny. She's a beautiful and mysterious girl who comes to Connecticut out of nowhere. She's a girl that takes Nicky's mind off the hell he's been through. But she's a girl with her own demons. On the run from her lover and maniacal west coast mob boss, Tawny entangles Nicky in a scheme to cheat the state lottery. It's a scheme that will change their lives forever. The Big Scratch is a story of everyday human existence intertwined with a fast paced plot, seasoned with just the right amount of sex, violence, mayhem, and human redemption. Contemporary references will keep the casual reader occupied without alienating the sophisticated reader wanting to deeply feel the emotional struggles of the main characters.After a couple of months of basically nickel and diming the lottery system, we started thinking about a way to make a big ... I said, I know this guy up in Hartford and he has access to certain computer programs related to the scratch off tickets.

Title:The Big Scratch
Author:Peter Ditomaso
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-01


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