The Bird Flu Survival Handbook

The Bird Flu Survival Handbook

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The word Plague comes down to us from history representing death incarnate. It is a reference to an epidemic disease characterized by its fast movement and unusually high rate of mortality. Its most famous incarnation was the Black Death of the 14th century. The most famous plague of the modern era was the 1918 Spanish Flu. Governments never managed to count all the dead from 1918. Over a three to fourteen month period there might have been as many as 500 million dead world wide. Nothing could stop it. Now its 21st century cousin, The Bird Flu, is migrating throughout the globe. If we discover its human subtype six to nine months before a major outbreak we can keep survival rates high. If not, Bird Flu is far more deadly than its 1918 counterpart. Its primary target is individuals ages 12 to 54 and theres no way modern science can stop it. If the world doesnt discover the human subtype with enough warning to make a vaccine, then like our families did in 1918, we will also loose count of the dead. This book has three primary goals. First is to use a relatively short format to delivery a great deal of critical information, analysis, option and ideas about managing a natural disaster like Bird Flu. Second is to make sure the reader understands that if there is a surprise outbreak of Bird Flu there is no way that either government or science is going to be able to do anything to stop it. Last is to spread the word that by following a set of simple, if not tedious rules, means that people can save both themselves and their families. In reading this book everyone must keep in mind that it is not a matter of if the Bird Flu will create a plague, it is only matter of when it will happen. Even if no one had ever heard of Bird Flu the world of science would be looking for it because they know it is coming.More than half of Americans (57%) report that they are concerned about the potential spread of Bird Flu in the United States. ... In addition, the American public does not believe avian flu will ultimately spread widely among wild birds ( only 28%anbsp;...

Title:The Bird Flu Survival Handbook
Author:A. J. Ensor
Publisher:Atlantic Jersey Productions - 2006-04-30


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