The Birth of Korean Cool

The Birth of Korean Cool

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How did a really unhip country suddenly become cool? How could a nation that once banned miniskirts, long hair on men and rock 'n' roll come to mass produce pop music and a K-pop star that would break the world record for the most YouTube hits? Who would have predicted that a South Korean company that used to sell fish and fruit (Samsung) would one day give Apple a run for its money? And just how does South Korea plan to use pop culture to beat America at its own game. Welcome to South Korea: The Brand. In The Birth of Korean Cooljournalist Euny Hong uncovers the roots of the 'Korean Wave': a fanaticism for South Korean pop culture that has enabled them to make the rest of the world a captive market for their products by first becoming the world's number one pop culture manufacturer. South Korea's economic development has been nothing short of staggering - leapfrogging from third-world to first-world in just a few years and continuing to grow at a rapid and unprecedented rate - and for the first time The Birth of Korean Coolwill give readers exclusive insight into the inner workings of this extraordinary country; it's past, present and future.HOW JAPANLOST THE CULTURE WARS If, as Yang said, the locus of pop culture in Asia shifted from Japan to Korea in the last ... Thisis evidencedby thephrase Japan Galapagos syndromea€”coined bythe Japanese themselvesa€” which compares Japana#39;s cell phone market to ... Some say theproblem is Japana#39;s reluctance tolearnEnglish; theya#39;re an island nation, and like many countries with alonghistoryanbsp;...

Title:The Birth of Korean Cool
Author:Euny Hong
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2014-08-14


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