The Black Seas of Infinity

The Black Seas of Infinity

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Visions of pulp era heroes fill his thoughts, all of which fade as he grows up. Working as an engineer for the military, he unexpectedly ends up investigating crashed alien craft. A strange find leads to his termination, but he returns a year later, and pulls off a bloody heist. Fleeing into the wilderness, death, madness, and the violent return of creatures from beyond this world all await. a€œThink X-Files crossed with the fabulous Alastair Reynolds, and youa€™ll begin to get a picture of where Dana€™s stunning original SF writing will lead you.a€ a€“Andy Remic/Anarchy Books qThe Black Seas Of Infinityq pays homage to the pulp greats of the '70s and '80s, while exploring some interesting new ground.q -Guy Aitchison/Hyperspace Studios qThis book is written perfectly, ita€™s exciting and it has motherfucking aliens in it. Ita€™s absolutely fantastic. I really hope that Dan writes more books like this, because I would read every one of them.q -Tattoosday UK qFor fans of science fiction, this is a must-read.q -The Eclectic Reader qA slightly surreal first person violent odyssey that is definitely a bit different. Well worth a look.q -The SciFi Reader qThe Black Seas of Infinity is an absolute 'must read' by all fans of things Sci-Fi, and I struggled to put the book down once started.q -Tattoo Revolution a€œHenk's writing comes alive to deliver a Sci-Fi horror thriller that breaks all the rules and then some.a€ -Wayne Simmons/Best selling author of Flu a€œLike a mad, violent episode of the X - files, The Black Seas of Infinity is that paranoid road trip every Sci-fi fan fantasizes about. Great stuff. Get your ticket now.a€ - Jack Bantry (Splatterpunk Zine) qPull the covers over your head and pray that thing staring at you from the closet doesna€™t come out. Dan Henk brings that hand, reaching for you at the bottom of the stairs, right to your neck. With fear and that ever-loving qWhat ifq Dan makes even the shadows quake.q - Tommy Castillo, artist, writerThestreetlights shimmered brighter than I remembered, the edges of buildings waved and flickered inthe dim illumination, the ... a€œEasy...easy...a€ I whispered. A roar, and the RPMs jumped back up.Two shops, then abruptly I veered off to theright.

Title:The Black Seas of Infinity
Author:Dan Henk
Publisher:Permuted Press - 2015-04-07


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