The Blaise Conjunction

The Blaise Conjunction

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qThe councilors had placed a book upon the table, its cover pale blue edged in silver. The title was qThe Theosophon.q They slid it towards me.q Philomena Wilcox, Ph.D., retired professor of music, pianist, passionate devotee of Russian composers like Scriabin and Rachmaninov, thinks she is merely editing a series of prolix journals by the desert recluse Blaise. One day in 2029 she took delivery of 7, 000 pages of his arcane diary entries spanning a 20-year period. His story-what he thinks and writes about-is exceedingly odd, mystical, and perplexing. He is anticipating a planetary event to take place in 2033. Soon enough, Philomena discovers she, impossibly, is part of this story, in fact, will be a keystone in this epochal event. It's as if through the journal pages Blaise talks directly to her and pulls her into his world of wisdom-angels, geomantic patterns, and designer planets. The pages are encoded with activation triggers. Over a three-year period, she starts to remember her true story, her astonishing past. It's a nonstop tutorial in the Mysteries. Taught by the human Blaise and his angelic mentors, also called Blaise, seemingly right now, in the present moment. Except upwards of 35 years or more separate them in the world of linear time. Her familiar world starts to fall apart. The event is called the Theosophon. Blaise writes about it, but she designed it. That's startling enough, but Philomena is astonished to remember that she designed it eons ago in another galaxy. The Earth was created as a performance stage for it. The Theosophon is a multidimensional musical event involving the collective consciousness of humanity, the Earth, and the spiritual world. The overture of the fulfillment of the purpose of the Earth and humanity. Yes, Philomena is an integral part of this unique event, but it will cost her more than she ever thought possible.Selections from the Geomantic Journals, 1983-2004 Richard Leviton ... Each had a Ray bore or Light filament for a Ray Master in a slender housing, 14 in all, though I deduced that Ray Master Saint ... After a while I thought the Buddha Body ought to show up, somehow, but it didna#39;t form of its own accord and I understand it too ... ethers; second, I was contributing some geomantic maintenance to the site through recreating and embodying the stupa of the Christed Initiation energies.

Title:The Blaise Conjunction
Author:Richard Leviton
Publisher:iUniverse - 2013-07


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