The Bless Journey

The Bless Journey

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In this inspirational true novel .THE BLESS JOURNEY is the path of real life. You will fi nd my love onea€™s and I bravely facing many of life most diffi cult challenges with Diabetes. There are millions of people fi ghting everyday to control their diabetes while the disease -is fi ghting to control their body and take over. There are many complication of diabetes which can affect many parts of the body. There are two types of diabetes type I and type II. Type I is always in children. Type II onset is in adults. Losing my children, mother and other family members to diabetes, was so overwhelmed, and NO one understood what I had endured. That is when I started writing MY FEELINGS on paper. The book of pages sat on the shelf for over fi ve years. The a€˜LORDa€™ spoke to me and said: to publish a€˜THE BLESS JOURNEYa€™ and tell the story. We ALL serve a MASTER that will take us through the hardest times in life and give us a willingness to live and give us purpose. I am following THE BLESS JOURNEY of my divine purpose. a€˜WE ARE WHAT GOD HAS MADE US, CREATED IN CHRIST JESUS FOR HIS GOOD WORK, WHICH GOD PREPARED BEFORE-HAND TO BE OUR WAY OF LIFEa€™. -EPHESIANS 2:10How Stress Affects the Bodya€”When a sudden stressful situation develops, our nervous system responds to the threat of danger by signaling the pituitary and ... The human body is made up of millions of tiny cells that need to be energize to work properly. ... produced by the ALPHA cells of the PANCREAS, help to raise the blood sugar level by taking glycogen (stored glucose) out of the body RESERVES.

Title:The Bless Journey
Author:Gussie Brooks
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2009-08-31


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