The Blood Paintings

The Blood Paintings

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Centuries of vampire hunts have ensured vampires live on the brink of extinction. Only the Goya clan survives by working as vampire assassins for unscrupulous humans who want to eliminate their enemies. The vampires are in demand because their killings are unsolvable. The Goyas have a fetish of their own, a sadistic need to feast on human flesh. St. Anyaa€™s vampire hunters are the only ones who can stop them. What has a writer, an old man and a dog to do with it? Nothing, until a vampire abducts the writera€™s best friend. Tossed between fear and loyalty, Artesia Cane pushes herself into the horrific war between the living and the undead by joining forces with St. Anyaa€™s, a mysterious old man with immense supernatural powers and Stalkers, an unusual breed of vampire killers, to rescue her friend. The vampire hunt culminates into the ultimate battle where the hunters discover they are betrayed. No one can trust anyone. The Blood Paintings is a horror-action novel of a nightmarishly enduring tale of the test of loyalty, love and most of all, faith and hope under the duress of the eternal battle between good and evil.a€œWhat Ia#39;m trying to say is that ifwe make it through this crazy unbelievable situation, then, you know . . . perhaps, maybe . . .a€ Mac said. ... Artesia was given a ballerina outfit with tutu and all, quite unsuitable for the daunting task ahead. a€œ Who gotanbsp;...

Title:The Blood Paintings
Author:Elenor Wu
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-08-14


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