The Bloody Rise of Axis Video

The Bloody Rise of Axis Video

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Since the inception of Axis Video back in 1997 by Chris Chaos and Keith Kelly they have been on the cutting edge of film, story, ideas and the subject of many controversies. qThe Bloody Rise of Axis Videoq tells the tales of how Chris Chaos formed the company, discusses the inside workings of Axis Video's various projects and the future of the company. Many of the triumphs and tribulations are discussed along with the tales of making films from an independent guerrilla filmmakers point of view. Photos and excerpts from the filmmaking process are also contained within. Come and read of their journey.... they stated they had their own Backyard Wrestling federation, that they used weapons, had a professional ring in their ... stated they were located on Breakneck Road..hmm, they bash skulls on Breakneck Road, did we just get scammed?

Title:The Bloody Rise of Axis Video
Author:Chris Chaos - 2014-04-01


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