The Blue Pages

The Blue Pages

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By summarizing the political contributions and business practices of hundreds of corporations, this handy directory helps you support companies that share your political values. Follow your money; you might be surprised. The Blue Pages includes valuable information on political contributions to each major party, employee benefits and labor practices, lawsuits and investigations, and community and charitable programs. As this information starts to affect these companies at the cash register, they may be less inclined to support positions that conflict with their customers' values. The Blue Pages organizes companies alphabetically into 13 sectors, making it easy to find a particular product or service. A complete index allows you to find companies and brands even more quickly. Using this Zagat-style pocket reference, you can be conscientious about something you do every day - shop. Slim and portable, The Blue Pages is easy to put in a backpack or purse. It also makes a wonderful gift... Midas, Inc. No contributions. Foreign owned. The internationally franchised company, perhaps best known for its mufflers, is now branding itself as a total auto maintenance destination. ... Produces and sells ultralow-emission vehicles in Japan and is launching the Altima hybrid in the Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC United States in 2006. Hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles, whose only. VEHICLES.

Title:The Blue Pages
Publisher:Polipoint Press - 2005-12-01


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