The Body Broken

The Body Broken

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In the tradition of William Styrona€™s tour de force Darkness Visible, The Body Broken is a gorgeously told and intensely moving account of one womana€™s extraordinary odyssey into a life of chronic paina€“and of the unyielding resilience of the human spirit. At age nineteen, Lynne Greenberg narrowly survived a devastating car crash. When her broken neck healeda€“or so everyone thoughta€“her recovery was hailed as a medical miracle and she returned to normal life. Years later, she seemed to have it all: a loving husband, two wonderful children, a peaceful home, and a richly satisfying job as a tenured poetry professor. Then, one morning, this blissful faAsade shattereda€“the pain in her neck returned in the most vicious way. A life with physical agony ensued. Greenberg realized that she had been living for years on borrowed time. As she and her family navigated an increasingly complicated web of doctors and specialists, Greenberg taught herself to fight her own battlesa€“against a medical system ill-equipped to handle patients with chronic pain, and against the emotional pitfalls of a newly restricted life. Drawing on her familya€™s support, her own indomitable spirit, and an intense connection to the poetry she taught, Greenberg found the strength to return to a productive and satisfyinga€“if irrevocably changeda€“life. This deeply personal saga takes us to the heart of a familya€™s struggle to survive a crisis, and shows us how, at the most profound levels, such an odyssey affects a patienta€™s marriage, the ability to parent, family, work, and friendships. The Body Broken is a powerful, lyrical story of one womana€™s remarkable determination and breathtaking courage, as she puts mind over matter in the struggle to reclaim her life. From the Hardcover edition.In a Hurry of activity, we make over the street with only a few hours to spare. ... My childrena#39;s costumes, long discussed, carefully conceived, have evolved in response to their growing maturity: Tinker Bell transformed into a teenage rock star;anbsp;...

Title:The Body Broken
Author:Lynne Greenberg
Publisher:Random House - 2009-03-24


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