The Body Clock Guide to Better Health

The Body Clock Guide to Better Health

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A medical breakthrough explained by the leading authority on the connection between health and your body clock Chronotherapy-adjusting the care of the body to coincide with the body's natural clock-is poised to be the next major revolution in medical science. An understanding and awareness of these rhythms will enable us to maximize the effects not only of medications and other treatments, but also of diets, exercise programs, and other daily routines. The Body Clock Guide to Better Health combines a detailed discussion of major issues such as sleep, exercise, and nutrition, with a comprehensive A-to-Z reference to specific disorders. Among the health concerns it addresses are AIDS, arthritis, asthma, ADD, backache, cancer, depression, diabetes, digestive problems, allergies, heart disease, chronic pain, sexual dysfunction, stroke, and complications from pregnancy. General chapters explore the big picture-including monthly cycles and life cycles-and provide invaluable advice on foods and dietary supplements, fitness, better sex, jet lag, and more. The first book to look at body rhythms from a practical perspective, The Body Clock Guide to Better Health offers readers the dual benefits of improving the treatment of specific conditions while boosting their overall health and wellness.How to Use your Bodya#39;s Natural Clock to Fight Illness and Achieve Maximum Health Michael Smolensky, Lynne Lamberg. If you have advanced sleep phase ... Light and melatonin exert their peak impact on the clock about twelve hours apart: light proves most effective in resetting the clock in the early morning, and melatonin does so in the late afternoon. The two approaches, used together, may be moreanbsp;...

Title:The Body Clock Guide to Better Health
Author:Michael Smolensky, Lynne Lamberg
Publisher:Henry Holt and Company - 2015-03-03


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