The Bohemian Grove

The Bohemian Grove

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The secretive and strange Bohemian Grove is an elite mena€™s club hidden deep within a 2700-acre redwood forest in Northern California, where each July the most powerful men in the world gather for whata€™s called their annual Summer Encampment. Is this mysterious meeting a€œjust a vacation spota€ for the wealthy and well-connected, or is it something more? Does it operate as an off the record consensus building organization for the elite establishment? What major plans or political policies were given birth by the club? Do they really kickoff their gathering each year with a human sacrifice ritual? Is this the infamous Illuminati? After getting his hands on some rare copies of the cluba€™s yearbooks; obtaining an actual official membership list smuggled out by an employee; and having personally been blocked from entering the club by policea€”secret society expert Mark Dice uncovers The Bohemian Grove: Facts a Fiction. By the Author of The Illuminati: Facts a Fiction -Their History -Symbols, Saint, and Motto -Infiltrations and Leaks -Cremation of Care -Different Subcamps -Allegations of Murder -Hookers a Homosexuality -Depictions in TV and Film -And More!... along with some other memorabilia he a€œkepta€ (stole) from the club, including a membership list, a program guide, a book of matches, and a trashcan. ... More Recent Attempts In July of 2008 a Vanity Fair reporter named Alex Shoumatoff was arrested for trespassing after ... he wrote.79 In January of 2011 the History Channela#39;s Decoded included ... This wasna#39;t even during the summer encampment so they wouldna#39;t have even found anything very interesting happening inside anyway.

Title:The Bohemian Grove
Author:Mark Dice
Publisher:Mark Dice - 2015-07-01


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