The Book Club Chronicles

The Book Club Chronicles

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In a University town during the present time, ladies have a book club where they are studying The Tale of Genji, the worlds first novel written by a lady from Heian Japan, with a graduate student. The ladies are going through tumultuous times that echo those of the book they are reading; a husband is dying, a marriage is falling apart, a decision about retirement has to be made. Old loves re-appear, the bereaved are able to love again, though not in the same old way, new men appear and court the ladies, loved ones sicken gradually. Houses that were used to bring up children are too large and too complicated for the lives they now lead. Their graduate student goes away for a quarter, perhaps into exile. Will there be a happy ending for any of our ladies? Do our ladies believe in the concept of happy endings? Will they continue reading The Tale of Genji together?The color of your silk shirt, what do you call it? ... The buffet is set up with piles of vegetables, a honey baked ham, a chateaubriand, all sorts of finger foods, none too fussy, ... The white walls serve as a backdrop to the original art displayed.

Title:The Book Club Chronicles
Author:Joan H. Parks
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-06-12


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