The Book of Revelation: A New Beginning

The Book of Revelation: A New Beginning

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a€œThe Book of Revelation: A New Beginninga€ contains the hidden secrets of Saint Johna€™s Revelation, and as you know, it is one of the most debated and most difficult books of all the scriptures to read and understand because of the extreme symbolism tied to it. Man has always assumed the word of Goda€™s prophets and their stories were indisputable just because of their eminence in interpreted them as being true. Man has forgotten the history of himself, Earth, God, the origin of the universe, and how the scriptures have been documented, interpreted, and strictly passed down by our ancestors and religious leaders. As symbolic as Revelation is it has nothing to do with the end days or even about a solitary Anti-Christ as we understand it nor is it about Jesus coming to save you. In truth, Saint Johna€™s Revelation is your own guide showing you that you no longer need to look at yourself as a sinner because you have bared your cross, like Jesus, and now the time has come for you to ascend to a higher state of Mind. The book of Revelation: a€œA New Beginninga€ is a book that will help open the gates of your soul memories so you can become aware of your own divineness, and that you are a God too. My fellow Gods, what is coming to an end is the old ways of perceiving and understanding God. It is not that God is a mystery. It is you that is the mystery, and when fear is resolved within, you are then ready to open up to the hidden secrets behind the Book of Revelation that religions have kept as a secret for thousands of years, either on purpose or because of ignorance.Because ofthis type of belief in a God outside of self, we do not really know or understand how we can lose self in the process. ... Because of your choices and experiences through many incarnations sowing and reaping, you have removed your impurities (refined) and all ... I have chosen my path in this lifetime from a sovereign mastera#39;s level, and that path is not to be a slave to those who claim that Godanbsp;...

Title:The Book of Revelation: A New Beginning
Author:Terry L Newbegin
Publisher:BalboaPress - 2011-03-23


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