The Book of Skin

The Book of Skin

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It is the largest and perhaps the most important organ of our bodya€”it covers our fragile inner parts, defines our social identities, and channels our sensory experiences. And yet we rarely give a thought. With The Book of Skin, Steven Connor aims to change all that, offering an intriguing cultural history of skin. Connor first examines physical issues such as leprosy, skin pigmentation, cancer, blushing, and attenuations of erotic touch. He also explains why specific colors symbolize certain emotions, such as green for envy or yellow for cowardice, as well as why skin is the focus of destructive rage in many peoplea€™s violent fantasies. The Book of Skin then probes into how skin has been such a powerfully symbolic terrain in photography, religious iconography, cinema, and literature. From the Turin shroud to Ralph Ellisona€™s Invisible Man to plastic surgery, The Book of Skin expertly examines the role of skin in Western culture. A compelling read that penetrates well beyond skin-deep, The Book of Skin validates James Joycea€™s declaration that a€œmodern man has an epidermis rather than a soul.a€ a€œRichly conceived and elaborately thought out. No flicker of meaning has escaped Connora€™s ferocious, all-seeing eye.a€a€”GuardianMixing references to Pythagorasand theseventeenth century Neoplatonist HenryMore with contemporary reports from The ... According to this, every visible, natural body hasa#39;an invisible, indwelling, energizing nature, the exact modelof theanbsp;...

Title:The Book of Skin
Author:Steven Connor
Publisher:Reaktion Books - 2009-01-15


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