The Boy Next Door

The Boy Next Door

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The Boy Next Door is a tale of young love set in Kingston, Jamaica, and follows an eighteen-year-old American expatriate as he chases his love interest, a hot-tempered seventeen-year-old native named Noelle. When her best friend migrates to New York, Noelle Goodison finds it difficult to cope until she happens upon a lucky distraction in the form of Ryan Reece. Ryan feels an irresistible attraction to Noelle from the very first moment he lays eyes on her but Noelle sees him as an annoying nuisance. When Noelle plays hard-to-get, an undercover matchmaker steps in. But then headstrong Noelle's defiance surfaces and the usually confident Ryan wonders whether he is fighting a losing battle. Will Noelle surrender to his charm?a€œThanks for the ride, Damian, a€ Noelle sang out as she opened the door and climbed out of the navy blue 1998 Honda Accord. a€œNo problem, girl. Ita#39;s the least I could do for my future sister-in-law!a€ Damian teased as he winked at Lisa.

Title:The Boy Next Door
Author:Mandisa M. Parnell
Publisher:Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency - 2014-06-25


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