The Boys of Brooklyn

The Boys of Brooklyn

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Vito Sparo is a member of an exclusive members-only club in Brooklyn. What no one knows is that the club is just a front for a mob family led by Sonny, an up-and-coming boss seemingly destined to take the number one leadership role in the mob. Now that Sonny is a self-made boss, he does not need to do the dirty work anymore. He leaves that up to his fellow mobsters that include the Duke, Carmine, Dillinger, and Vito. Sonny takes no chances when it comes to the feds. In a time when right is right and wrong is wrong, he directs his men on bloody missions that repay favors, punish disloyalty, and pay off debts. Vito, who is known for thinking with an angle and living by his vow to never kill an innocent person, dutifully tags along on hits that take out scumbags and thugs, celebrating each hit with Sonny at a strip club. Through it all, he still finds time for love with his girlfrienda€”the one he will fiercely protect with whatever means necessary. The Boys of Brooklyn share a hard-hitting, behind the scenes story about organized crime from the perspective of a mobster who lived his life dedicated to his boss and his organized crime family.I locked my keys in the car.a€ a€œI once saw a guy unlock his car door with a coat hanger. If you like, Ia#39;ll give ita try.a€ Sheagreed. I went over to my car, opened the trunk, and put my bags in. ThenI walked back to her car. I noticed that she wasanbsp;...

Title:The Boys of Brooklyn
Author:Victor Sparozic
Publisher:Archway Publishing - 2014-12-11


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