The Breast is History: An Intimate Memoir of Breast Cancer

The Breast is History: An Intimate Memoir of Breast Cancer

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In 2011 writer and mother of two, Bronwyn Hope is diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. Encouraged by a friend, she begins an online blog in which she faithfully diarises the days that follow, graphically chronicling the details of even her darkest days as they happen. Her reflections are controlled yet raw and immediate, comprising a mix of honesty and humor that will have you by turns laughing out loud, or crying. Over an 18-month period, Bronwyn propels her readers on a journey that will deliver to her some of lifea€™s greatest blows and most uplifting moments. Along the way she shares intimate accounts of her life, her family and friends, and the challenges, both common and uncommon, of a breast cancer survivor. The Breast is History is that rare book that will delight and move readers at the same time as demystifying the experience of millions of women with breast cancer.She asks if I want her to get someone else to try. I say no (I ... But the sight of a nice plump vein has her hopeful and confident. She says shea#39;s sure ... I try to make conversation through it, trying to think of what I might actually resent about all of this. ... Apparently you whisper your worries to the doll and put it under your pillow.

Title:The Breast is History: An Intimate Memoir of Breast Cancer
Author:Bronwyn Hope
Publisher:CCB Publishing - 2015-05-27


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