The Bride Wore Black Leather

The Bride Wore Black Leather

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Since his reluctant return to the the Nightside all that time ago, life has changed a great deal for private eye John Taylor; and he's now settling down in that city of eternal darkness where he once vowed never to return. He's about to be married - to Suzie Shooter, the love of his life and the Nightside's most formidable bounty hunter. And he has a new job; he's replaced Walker, the Voice of the Authorities in the Nightside. This new life, and the responsibilities that go with it, mean it's time for Taylor to move on from his work as a private detective - but not before one last case. Yet, as ever in the Nightside, nothing is straightforward. Taylor's final investigation soon leads him to discover a threat to all of humanity - but saving the day would be much easier if he weren't on the run. With the entire Nightside suddenly against him, and his future spouse after the bounty on his head, happily-ever-after suddenly seems an unlikely ending for John Taylor.Dagon said that whatever it is thata#39;s coming, ita#39;s a threat to the Nightside itself. ... matter of pride tobring abottle of something special to the Ball of Forever, and some of them have cellars thatgo back centuries. Vintages laid down when that was still anew thing to do. In fact, I think you have to be immortal to withstand what some of those wines can do to your taste buds. ... worry, Ia#39;m not going to make a fuss.

Title:The Bride Wore Black Leather
Author:Simon R. Green
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2014-10-16


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