The Bride Wore Tie-Dye

The Bride Wore Tie-Dye

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qMR. RIGHT, MEET MS. WRONGa€b.q Now that he'd decided it was time to start a family, Trenton Laroquette was searching for exactly the right woman. But somehow his list of suitable candidates had narrowed down to just one: a free-spirited, live-for-the-moment type who was definitely not what he needed. Unfortunately, she was exactly what he wanteda€b. Of course, even if Melodie Allford was interested in getting marrieda€”which she wasn't, thank you very mucha€”she wouldn't choose a buttoned-down businessman like him. Still, she couldn't keep herself from wondering what it would be like to tear off that conservative three-piece suit and get her hands on the gorgeous hunk of man underneatha€b.Now that she was out of that baggy T-shirt and those wild leggings, he could see that his suspicions were indeed correct. Her sleeveless shirt revealed sleek, toned arms and an elegant neck. Her wrap skirt hugged slender hips, as well as theanbsp;...

Title:The Bride Wore Tie-Dye
Author:Pamela Ingrahm
Publisher:Harlequin - 2011-07-15


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