The Busy Book Bundle

The Busy Book Bundle

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The Busy Book Bundle is packed with over 1400 fun, engaging activities, crafts, and games to keep toddlers and preschoolers busy and learning! A must-read for anyone raising or teaching young children. Includes four books: The Toddlera€™s Busy Book, The Preschoolera€™s Busy Book, The Arts a Crafts Busy Book, and The Wiggle a Giggle Busy Book. The Toddlera€™s and Preschoolera€™s Busy Books show parents and day-care providers how to prevent boredom during the longest stretches of indoor weather with ideas for indoor play, kitchen activities, and arts and crafts projects; stimulate a childa€™s natural curiosity with entertaining reading, math, language, science, and motor-skills activities; encourage a childa€™s physical, mental, and emotional growth with ideas for music, dance, drama, and outdoor play; and keep children occupied during long car trips or while running errands. The Arts a Crafts Busy Book encourages children ages two to six to use their imagination and self-expression in fun creative projects. It shows parents and daycare providers how to: focus a childa€™s energy constructively using paint, glue, play dough, paper, and markers; encourage the development of a childa€™s concentration and coordination, as well as organizational skills; save money by making many of the supplies with items found around the home; and celebrate holidays and special occasions with projects and activities. The Wiggle a Giggle Busy Book contains 365 creative, lively games and activities to keep toddlers and preschoolers busy and active. It provides great alternatives to watching television, playing video games, or doing other sedentary activities. This book will get your young child up and moving for hours! The Wiggle a Giggle Busy Book shows parents and daycare providers how to: instill a love of physical exercise through games and activities that encourage a child to move; focus a childa€™s energy constructively; encourage a child to strengthen large and small motor skills; and connect music and rhyme with physical expression to develop a childa€™s creativity.Colored ink, food coloring, or strong watercolors Small containers Paper doilies, paper towels, coffee filters, or other absorbent paper Glue ... Have your child dip each corner of the shape into a bowl of color for just a second or two. ... If you like, make a doily collage by gluing several dry doilies onto construction paper.

Title:The Busy Book Bundle
Author:Trish Kuffner
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2015-03-31


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