The Butterfly Trap

The Butterfly Trap

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In hindsight, maybe fluttering off the tour guide's red line wasn't such a good idea. But Jon has neither hindsight nor foresight as his vacation unfolds in real time. Acting without consequence, he discovers that real life is funnier, crazier, and more interesting than fiction, as he encouters crooked tour guides, transvestite karaoke stars, restroom massage gangs, and angels - not with wings and halos, but g-strings and high heels.Therea#39;s no agenda, no plans, not even a hopeful desire. I dona#39;t know if I can handle this much un-structured time. Ten minutes of beach chair meditation passes like an eternity. I ask, a€œDo you want to go swimming?a€ She jumps out of her chair.

Title:The Butterfly Trap
Author:Dennis Jon
Publisher:Booksmango -


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