The Cajun

The Cajun

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The Cajun is an action-romance that is a little Crocodile Dundee and a little Rambo. Logline: With a million dollar reward on her head, Kelli Parsons hides in the treacherous Atchafalaya Swamp where living or dying depends on one man--the Cajun!Synopsis:Kelli Parsons, a beautiful tough writer, has written a series of articles about the religious practices of the Muslims. Now a fatwa or contract for her death, along with it a million dollar reward has forced her to run from the terrorists. While in protective custody of the FBIs lead agent Richard Staley, who is willing to give her up for part of the reward, they are ambushed on the 20-mile bridge crossing Louisianaa€™s, Atchafalaya Swamp.In a desperate escape attempt, Kelli jumps into the swamps where the swamp wise and mysterious Cajun, Ballew Dragun, rescues her.The terrorists led by the cold-blooded killer, Kaja Aboujawadeh, pursue her into the swamps with seven of his men. The Cajun catches them all and later releases them with the promise of death if they return.But Kaja is not to be denied and returns with 24 men, including two of the best in the world, Mustafa and Kidane. None of the men have ever tasted defeat. Their force captures Kelli along with two of Ballew's friends, Happy Jak the rotund and jolly bar owner and Belle Rose the old, tobacco chewing, voodoo chanting, woman of the swamps they call qSwamp Witch.qWhile trying to rescue his friends Ballew is tortured and almost killed but manages to escape with Kelli. After he rescues his friends, he returns to the terrorist to exact his Cajun revenge. Using the swamp and all of her secrets, Ballew follows and kills the terrorists one by one, but not without the help of Kelli who saves his life. The Franchise:The Cajun would be a little Indiana Jones with a mix of Lethal Weapon. A buddy movie where one of the characters is a strong female lead. The stories will deal with current news stories and events that will hold the viewer attention and interest. I have a completed script (and novel) for qThe Cajun. I have started the sequel and have outlines for four more that are listed below.The main character is Ballew Dragon, who is swamp wise and mysterious. Some think his mother is the Swamp Witch. His buddy in the series is Kelli Parsons a beautiful, tough writer who is on the run from terrorists after her scorching articles on the Islamic faith.Returning characters are:Richard Staley - The FBI agent who is willing to give up Kelli for part of the reward, but changes and saves her in the end.Happy Jak Chamblee - He is Ballew's friend and runs a bar in the swamps called; qHappy Jak's.q Belle Rose - the old, tobacco chewing, voodoo chanting, woman of the swamps they call qthe Swamp Witch.q The Cajun is a natural to lead into an adventure cartoon for kids dealing with all of the animals in the swamp. The Cajun could also make for a very interesting video game.The main character is part Crocodile Dundee and part Rambo (First Blood). This is perfect for a series of movies. I have three sequels ready to start. This would make a great graphic novel and even video game. I have also written a novel to the script. There are six sequels Ia€™m working for The Cajun series.HijackedAtchafalayaParadise LostCajun JusticeKidnappedSwamp RatsHis face showed no emotion. Slowly his expressionless face turned into a smile. ... The same lack of movement in the air making the terrorists so miserable went unnoticed by Ballew and worked in his favor. ... He estimated its shell to be bigger than the one he once had mounted in his house . . . his once proud home, destroyed by the fire started by the men hunting him. ... He removed his Spider Man T-shirt, took one of the shoots and shoved it through the fabric near the neck. With theanbsp;...

Title:The Cajun
Author:Joe Barfield
Publisher:Joe Barfield - 2010-11-14


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