The Carnelian Cube

The Carnelian Cube

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Arthur Cleveland Finch was an eminently practical man. Naturally he didn't believe that the carnelian cube was a qdream-stoneq with supernatural powers. But, of course, if he were going to wish himself into another world, he would choose one where everything was perfectly rational. Finch got his wish - with a bang! And he soon discovered that one man's rationality can easily be another man's nightmare. He awoke a poet in a strange place where status meant everything and a man could be tried for umpteen kinds of crimes for reciting a poem in public. So, being optimistic as well as practical, Finch tried again - and again. And the worlds kept getting wilder, more improbable, and funnier - but more dangerous, too. The question was, could Finch find UtopiaAi before losing his skin?a€œYouse have? Thata#39;s much better. The history will give youse your basic research methods, and the archaeology will help youse with the ... Wouldna#39;t everyone have been happier if they hadna#39;t ever found out how to make them in the first place?

Title:The Carnelian Cube
Author:L. Sprague de Camp, Fletcher Pratt
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2011-09-29


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