The Case of the Bad Luck Fiance

The Case of the Bad Luck Fiance

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Hell has no fury like a woman scorneda€b Cattle rancher and single father Tristan Cayle had his sights set on one goala€”traveling to Colorado to meet a woman he'd fallen for on the Internet. But the instant he arrived at the Elk River Resort, run by Megan Duke's family, he was labeled a con artist and a bigamist. Though they'd never met, Megan already loved Tristan. But now, through some error, Tristan stood accused of being betrothed to two vengeful wives. And, as Megan fought her warring feelings of love and distrust, a third woman arrived in towna€”one who was ready to kill Megan and kidnap Tristan's son. Honeymoon HideawayWilliam leaned over the engine compartment of a rusty, olive green jeep while the Colonel sat behind the wheel. A pang of ... It was easy to imagine her on the ranch, wading in to help doctor a sick animal or repair a leaky roof in a downpour.

Title:The Case of the Bad Luck Fiance
Author:Sheryl Lynn
Publisher:Harlequin - 2011-07-15


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