The Cerebellum

The Cerebellum

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Leading neuroscientist Dr. Masao Ito advances a detailed and fascinating view of what the cerebellum contributes to brain function. The cerebellum has been seen as primarily involved in coordination of body movement control, facilitating the learning of motor skills such as those involved in walking, riding a bicycle, or playing a piano. The cerebellum is now viewed as an assembly of numerous neuronal machine modules, each of which provides an implicit learning capability to various types of motor control. The cerebellum enables us to unconsciously learn motor skills through practice by forming internal models simulating control system properties of the body parts. Based on these remarkable advances in our understanding of motor control mechanisms of the cerebellum, Ito presents a still larger view of the cerebellum as serving a higher level of brain functions beyond movements, including the implicit part of the thought and cognitive processes that manipulate knowledge. Ito extends his investigation of the cerebellum to discuss neural processes that may be involved implicitly in such complex mental actions as having an intuition, imagination, hallucination, or delusion.Figure 28 illustrates the wiring diagram of the VOR pathway and its connection with the flocculus, fitted to a framework of ... in various species (rabbits, Nagao et al., 1984; Van der Steen et al., 1994; De Zeeuw et al., 2004; cats, Sato et al., 1983, anbsp;...

Title:The Cerebellum
Author:Masao Ito
Publisher:FT Press - 2012


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