The CG Assignment

The CG Assignment

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After two centuries of nonstop guardian duty, Nathaniel the Faithfula€™s wing feathers are still well preened and thick, all the gold tips as good as new. At thirteen-feet tall, hea€™s clearly above the angelic average. Hea€™s worked tirelessly as a faithful guardian, not realizing his labors have been observed. One day Nathaniel is mysteriously summoned to the Angelic Control Epicentre where he meets with Archangel Michael, the warrior whoa€™d led the Great War of Heaven, the one whoa€™d battled head-to-head with Satan. Archangel Michael promotes him to the position of Cross Generational Manager where his assignment calls for him to operate under the radar, positioned in the Forsythe family in Scotland beginning in 1890. Things are never the same in Nathaniela€™s world. Heaven and Hell clash as the Lord moves into the neighborhoods of two families and sets in motion a plan that will span three generations. He intends to bring forth a Prophet of Light, but his arch enemy will do anything to stop that from happening. Meanwhile, no one warned Nathaniel that a promotion would be such a stretching experience.... put a dent in her confidence, so she spent a few moments sitting on the bed, summoning up courage. When her nerves had settled down ... Now the tears began to flow, which was going to make her face blotchy. Ignoring that dire possibility, anbsp;...

Title:The CG Assignment
Author:Yvonne Griese
Publisher:Balboa Press - 2015-05-18


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