The Change Election

The Change Election

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The 2008 election was an extraordinary event that represented change at many levels. The candidatesa€™ innovative campaigns changed how funds were raised, how voters were mobilized, and how messages were communicated through advertising and the internet. Parties and interest groups played their own important role in this historic election. In The Change Election, David Magleby assembles a team of accomplished political scientists to provide an in-depth analysis of this groundbreaking presidential election. These scholars through a set of compelling case studies examine the competition for votes in a dozen competitive House and Senate contests and for the White House in five states: Ohio, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Colorado, and New Mexico. Backed by a wealth of data, and extensive interviews, the contributors offer an up-close look at the interactions of candidates' individual skills and personalities with the larger political forces at work in the election year. The book offers insights into the rapidly evolving organizational and technical aspects of campaigning. The dramatic success Obama and other candidates had in raising moneya€”especially from small donorsa€”is addressed along with how money was raised and spent by the candidates, party committees, and interest groups competing for votes. Building on a tested methodology, The Change Election explores the interplay of money and electioneering. Magleby builds on more than a decade of prior studies to show the ways participants in our electoral process have adapted to statutory and judicial decisions and how the 2008 election has the potential to transform American electoral politics.Money, Mobilization, and Persuasion in the 2008 Federal Elections David Magleby ... a€œschedule F (FeC Form 3X), a€ available at http://images. cgi-bin/fecimg/?28993698026 (accessed June 2, ... American Conservative Union, a€œratings of Congress, a€ available at http://www.acuratings. org/ (accessed January 6, anbsp;...

Title:The Change Election
Author:David Magleby
Publisher:Temple University Press - 2011


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