The Cheater

The Cheater

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Lily Forrester, a Ventura County judge, finds herself in a mix of bizarre circumstances that lead her onto the trail of a vicious criminal mind. Her husband calls her from a Las Vegas jail where he has been arrested for attempted rape--but Las Vegas wasn't on his itinerary. His accuser, Anne Bradley, is an enigmatic woman with an eerie past, a woman to whom Lily is strangely drawn. FBI Agent Mary Stevens is tracking a killer whose victims are husbands who cheat on their wives. Their mutilated bodies are disposed of in ghastly ways and strange locations. The murderer's trail leads to a web service that provides alibis for cheating spouses and into a thick web of deception that puts both Lily's and Mary's lives in jeopardy.Unless all hell broke out, only rookie judges and actors used their gavels. The two ... Mary removed the earphones from her iPod and plugged them into the tape recorder, then inserted the cassette and pushed play. A male voice began ... She hit stop and replaced the batteries, hoping that would fix the problem. When theanbsp;...

Title:The Cheater
Author:Nancy Taylor Rosenberg
Publisher:Macmillan - 2010-05-25


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