The Cheerful Troublemaker

The Cheerful Troublemaker

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Funny, fast paced and uplifting!First in a series following the antics and spiritual awakening of a young woman, The Cheerful Troublemaker is touching, spiritually uplifting at times wildly funny. This girl's thirst for fun and laughter is not easily quenched until a glimpse into the tragedy of others places a heavy burden on her conscience. Only then does she begin to see the power of gratitude in action. The truth is that she has always known how to have fun. Now she needs to learn how to give thanks.Carrie Elizabeth is wild, carefree and always, always and eternally in trouble. The fifth daughter in a gaggle of girls, she's able to find fault with her overly demanding parents, her accomplished sisters and her headmaster - you name it. Sassy, often downright cheeky, she has it all figured out. That is, until a tragedy gets her to start thinking about what is most important in life and how much she has to be thankful for.gFrom start to finish, Carrie is a fascinating character who walks an gincredibly thin line between creating more mayhem and being a better gpersonWhen it was time for gym she put on the fake cast and showed up. ... Each day she would put on her fake cast just long enough for the gym teacher to see it. ... I wonder how I can trick my headmaster into hiring a bunch of dumber teachers.

Title:The Cheerful Troublemaker
Author:Carrie Elizabeth Walker
Publisher:The Cheerful Troublemaker - 2007-07-27


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