The Cherry Blossom 2-Book Bundle

The Cherry Blossom 2-Book Bundle

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This special bundle contains both of Jennifer Marunoa€™s Cherry Blossom novels about the internment of Japanese-Canadians, viewed through the eyes of nine-year-old Michiko Minagawa. Michiko bids her father goodbye before her birthday celebration. She doesna€™t know the government has ordered all Japanese-born men out of the province. Ten days later, her family joins hundreds of Japanese-Canadians on a train to the interior of British Columbia. There are no paved roads, no streetlights and not streetcars. At school Michiko learns the truth of her situation. She must face local prejudice, the worst winter in forty years and her first Christmas without her father. In the second novel, while Michiko wants to be proud of her Japanese heritage, she cana€™t be. After a former Asahi baseball star becomes her new teacher, life gets better. Baseball fever hits town, and when Michiko challenges the adults to a game with her class, the whole town turns out. Then the government announces that they must move once again. But they cana€™t think of relocating with a new baby coming, even with the offer of free passage to Japan. Michiko pretends to be her mother and writes to get a job for her father on a farm in Ontario. When the Cherry Blossoms Fell Cherry Blossom WinterEiko Minigawa was the master of making do. She recycled, remodelled, and repaired everything. When they moved into the apartment she washed the empty rice bags in bleach and hung them in the sun to make ricebag curtains. She then anbsp;...

Title:The Cherry Blossom 2-Book Bundle
Author:Jennifer Maruno
Publisher:Dundurn - 2014-02-06


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