The Chief Executive Hustler

The Chief Executive Hustler

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The Chief Executive Hustler (CEH) is the winnera€™s manual for this intense race that we call life. It is a reference guide for entrepreneurs or anyone else who wants more out of life. It provides easy answers to difficult questions and gives practical solutions for solving them. The CEHa€™s ten principles are based on proven success strategies used by self-made millionaires, entertainment moguls, independent entrepreneurs, political leaders, relationship experts, psychologists, educators, and spiritual gurus. They work for everyone, no matter what race, profession, age, religion, income, or education level! In it you will learn the following: a€c How to consistently create opportunity, instead of waiting for it. a€c How to position yourself to be successful in any industry. a€c Dona€™t just hope it happens. Make it happen! a€c If you cana€™t find a way, then make a way! a€c Success is simple; but it aina€™t easy! Recession Proof! This book will ultimately open your eyes but most importantly open your mind, and you will learn how to avoid the traps already set for the population! The chief executive is ultimately the guide to success for us all! This Book Is Rated R: Real, Relevant, and Refreshing!Turning pro at just twenty, it took Tiger Woods just eight months to register his impact winning within such a short period Masters and PGA ... Woods is known for spending many hours practising his swing and playing in youth tournaments. During practice sessions, Tiger learned to maintain his composure and focus, while his father persistently made extreme loud noise in order to make him lose focus.

Title:The Chief Executive Hustler
Author:Vincent Mafu
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-07-09


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