The Children's Hospital Of Philadelphia

The Children's Hospital Of Philadelphia

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This book provides the information parents need about the most common infections that their children are likely to catch, as well as diseases that are guarded against by vaccines, and some rarer diseases that parents should know about in case of an emergency. It is intended to help parents identify these diseases and make educated decisions about when a child needs medical intervention or attention, or whether home treatment is warranted.The tubes allow fluid to drain out of the childa#39;s middle-ear spaces, thus freeing the eardrum and the three little bones to vibrate normally. This usually ... There is the cost, of course, and there is always some risk from any anesthesia. The surgery ... their ears. In such cases, removal could help. ... Children do have some discomfort afterward and usually take a pain medication (acetaminophen plus codeine).

Title:The Children's Hospital Of Philadelphia
Author:Louis M. Bell, Mary Lou Manning, Jane Brooks, Marion Steimann
Publisher:Wiley - 1998-10-31


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