The Chinese Conspiracy

The Chinese Conspiracy

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When Jim Martini goes back to his WV hometown to see why its major employer failed suddenly he finds more than a failed company. He risks his life, finds a lost love, and stumbles into an international conspiracy. A Chinese revolutionary group is using viruses, hacking, malware and cyber-technology to over-throw its own government and attempt to control the US--by shutting down all forms of computers and communications--all at once. Suddenly nothing worksa€”communications are a€œsilenceda€. The US is preoccupied fighting global terrorism, so ita€™s up to Jim, hometown friends and a small team of CIA, FBI, and NSA agents to overcome this devastating threat and stop The Chinese Conspiracy. Set in the lush mountains of West Virginia and half-way around the world in China, The Chinese Conspiracy weaves a chilling tale of cyber-terrorism, current events and a tender love story. Read The Chinese Conspiracy and then call or e-mail someone you love, but do it while everything still works. Testimonials: --a€œThe Chinese Conspiracy has the intrigue of John Grisham, the spice of Mickey Spillane and the technical aspects of Tom Clancy.a€ a€”Tom Quinn --qThis chilling new novel links the world's increasing dependency on the Internet to vulnerabilities that can be exploited for evil. This launches John Mariotti as a new master of the genre.q a€”Calvin Myer, Co-founder WorldWide Ltd. --a€œWe always prepare to fight the last war but never the next war... this should be the wake-up call to America. Mariotti is blowing the bugle for all of us.a€ a€”John Ellingson, CEO, Edentification --qMariotti has created a fast moving thriller full of vivid characters who hook the readers emotions and find a place in their hearts. The good guys are good; the bad guys are awful; and the women are terrific.q a€”John Grom, CEO, Executive Search[23] March 3: Torpig, also known as Sinowal and Mebroot, is a€c a Trojan horse which affects Windows, turning off antivirus ... C, a hitherto-rumored spambot-type a€c malware with advanced rootkit capabilities, was announced to have been ... A is a configurable remote access tool or a€c Trojan that exploits security flaws in Adobe Flash 9.0.115 with Internet Explorer 7.0 and Firefox 2.0 under Windows XP SP2.

Title:The Chinese Conspiracy
Author:John Mariotti
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-10-13


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