The Chinese People at War

The Chinese People at War

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Diana Lary, one of the foremost historians of the period, tells the tragic history of China's War of Resistance and its consequences from the perspective of those who went through it. Using archival evidence only recently made available, interviews with survivors, and extracts from literature, she creates a vivid and highly disturbing picture of the havoc created by the war, the destruction of towns and villages, the displacement of peoples, and the accompanying economic and social disintegration. As the author suggests in a new interpretation of modern Chinese history, far from stemming the spread of communism from the USSR, which was the Japanese pretext for invasion, the horrors of the war, and the damage it created, nurtured the Chinese Communist Party and helped it to win power in 1949.In 1943 100 dollars could buy 1 chicken In 1944 100 dollars could buy 1 bag of rice Another way of looking at inflation ... the population, were little affected unless they lived near urban markets, in which case the value of their produce rose, and they did well. ... 16 Hsu Kai-yu, Wen I-to [Wen Yiduo] (Boston: Twayne, 1980), p.

Title:The Chinese People at War
Author:Diana Lary
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2010-07-26


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