The Chocolate Rose

The Chocolate Rose

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The Candy Fairies put on a sweet show for some special visitors to Sugar Valley in this delectable story. When Princess Lollia€™s parents visit the Candy Kingdom, the Candy Fairies know the perfect way to entertain their guests: a talent show! Therea€™s singing! Therea€™s dancing! One Candy Fairy even plays the flute. But as hard as she tries, Cocoa the Chocolate Fairy isna€™t the best of performers. She thinks maybe the show would be better if she didna€™t participate. But everyone has a special talenta€”Cocoa just needs to discover what hers is!Fairies to make candy decorations for the scenery.a€ a€œI saw some fairies working there today, a€ Cocoa said. a€œWhat did you have in mind?a€ a€œI was thinking we could make some chocolate-caramel-colored stars to pop up around the edge of theanbsp;...

Title:The Chocolate Rose
Author:Helen Perelman
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2013-07-09


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