The Cholesterol Delusion

The Cholesterol Delusion

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Approximately one-half of the adult population of the United States are being told that they harbor within their bodies a silent killer. This qkillerq is cholesterol. Millions are prescribed cholesterol lowering drugs making these pills the most prescribed (and most profitable) medications in the history of American medicine. They are told that these drugs will protect them from the ravages of heart disease. This is patently untrue and can be easily demonstrated by critical analysis of the data presented in the very medical studies that purport to show their benefit. The cholesterol mania that has gripped the country and dominated mainstream medical thought for the past 40 years is based on widespread acceptance of a set of closely related theories variously called the Cholesterol Theory, the Lipid Hypothesis, or the Diet-Heart Theory. The Cholesterol Delusion systematically refutes these prevailing theories that link diet and blood cholesterol levels to coronary heart disease and heart attacks. The Cholesterol Delusion traces the development of these theories from their origins and shows that each step in their evolution was based on faulty evidence and unscientific reasoning. The book then takes it one step further and attacks the very foundation of the qrisk factorq paradigm that has dominated cardiovascular research in particular and much of medical research in general for the past 50 years. Written in plain language for the intelligent layman, the arguments are presented in a way that can be easily understood by readers with a limited medical or technical background. The Cholesterol Delusion is must reading for anyone that has been told they have elevated cholesterol levels and/or must take medication to lower them.CHAPTER EIGHT STATIN DRUGS TO THE RESCUE aquot;One of the first duties of the -physician is to educate the masses ... They all do essentially the same thing a€” reduce serum cholesterol by blocking the manufacture of cholesterol in the liveranbsp;...

Title:The Cholesterol Delusion
Author:Ernest N. Curtis, Ernest N. Curtis M. D.
Publisher:Dog Ear Publishing - 2010-11


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