The Christian Way-Reality Or Illusion?

The Christian Way-Reality Or Illusion?

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Is Christianity but a selection of stories, as some suppose, or is there more to it than that? Are its adherents guided by something real or simply following their own fancies? That there are communities of Christians is itself real enough, but is their mere existence its own justification? Events like the birth and death of Jesus are for the most part real enough, though they have been overlaid with stories that may at times be helpful symbolism but may also distract or distort. The very human way Jesus and his disciples followed during his ministry was also real enough, though again overlaid with interpretative material; however, the circumstances of his followers then varied, and those of Christian communities in succeeding generations differ still more. On the eve of his death Jesus sought to bind his followers together with one another and himself rather than offering them a way of otherworldly salvation. He may yet have expected such a salvation, as did the Apostle Paul, but it is more fruitful to follow the latter in seeing qlifeq to be gained in qdeath, q in a qdying to sin, q in this life.There, as we saw, Jesus is in ignorance of the timing of the end that he foresees, that being Goda#39;s privilege alone (Mark 13:32/Matt 24:36). ... the Fourth Gospel, is unusual in the Synoptic Gospels and probably points there to the work of a later hand; nevertheless, the fact that this later ... in his ministry than in that of Jonah ( Matt 12:41/Luke 11:32), but it is to be noted that he does not say a€œsomeone greater.

Title:The Christian Way-Reality Or Illusion?
Author:A. J. M. Wedderburn
Publisher:Wipf and Stock Publishers - 2015-01-19


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