The Chronicals of Humanity's Future

The Chronicals of Humanity's Future

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What is humanity? What makes us human? Is it our technological prowess that has flung us to the furthest corners of this ever expanding entity we call 'space'? Is it our capacity for intellectual reasoning and independent thought? Is it our ability to justify what we do, no matter how horrendous, while at the same time caring for species not our own with devotion so fierce and unwarranted? I have been a living chronicle of humanity, far past the natural age and length of our species. At this point, time is no longer linear for me, unlike the rest of humanity. It is not a concept which puts fear into my heart. It makes me what you would call 'a god'. We have expanded so far, that no one truly knows how many we are, and there is no single entity that can control us.What is humanity?

Title:The Chronicals of Humanity's Future
Author:David Oconner
Publisher: - 2015-05-11


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