The Chronicles of Zobulex

The Chronicles of Zobulex

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Where The Sun Rains Blood, a fantasy and science fiction novel, is the story of Nii Lamptey, Nora Ameko and Tony Boateng. It is the first book in the Chronicles of Zobulex series.The novel is set in Ghana. The trio is invited by the President of Ghana to investigate the mystery of the Forest of Fear, after the failure of special military personnel. A gateway in this forest leads to another world, a place where the sun is red and the rains are red.Nii Lamptey, several years ago, while in secondary school, fell in love with a beautiful lady, Betsy. She stopped the relationship because she said she did not want to put his life in danger, since she was on Earth to stop the enemy. She further told Nii that she came from a land where the sun rained blood.The trio experience many adventures in this alternate world. But will Nii meet Betsy, and can they stop the enemy?During my third month of work I was able to furnish my room with a Sofa, a queen -sized mattress and spring-box, and a stained carpet, which I scrubbed really ... I was able to repair it at my place. ... At the end of the month I bought the TV and Toshiba CD player and a nice wall clock. ... a€œHave I seen you somewhere before?

Title:The Chronicles of Zobulex
Author:Aylmer Von Fleischer
Publisher:iUniverse - 2007-03


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