The Chronological Life of Christ

The Chronological Life of Christ

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q...not much has changed since Jesus gathered dust in the soles of his sandals on Palestinian soil. He is still the buzz at barber shops and corner cafes. He is still talked about and against. He pricks our curiosity, sparks our imagination, and even earns our ire. Who is he, really? You know he's no politician, but he still transforms nations. He's no social activist, but he is the genesis of who knows how many hospitals, orphanages, and innumerable acts of kindness. A psychotherapist? Hardly. But how many of us 'Humpty Dumpties' has he put back together again?! This peasant carpenter has built himself a kingdom immeasurably greater than his earthly enemies could have imagined. What are we to make of him? Please accept my deepest apologies right up front, for this book will not help answer that question. However, it may help answer this one: What is this man to make of me?qNow, anyone who has been in a church service with a bunch of kids can understand the frustration of the disciples. ... Twice it is implied that Jesus was angry with the Chief Priests when he cleansed the temple (Jn 2:14-17; Mt 21:12- 13; Mkanbsp;...

Title:The Chronological Life of Christ
Author:Mark E. Moore
Publisher:College Press - 2007-08-01


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