The Cigar Enthusiast

The Cigar Enthusiast

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You might not know a Cohiba from a Corona. You might think a qhotq smoke is cool. You might even think biting the end off a five dollar Churchill is acceptable. But if you want to be a true student of the art of cigar smoking, you need The Cigar Enthusiast. And it is an art -- like a fine wine, a hand-rolled cigar was created to be appreciated. The Cigar Enthusiast will tell you everything you need to know: from choosing the cigar that suits you best, to stocking a humidor, to lighting up. And soon -- as your appreciation and knowledge grow -- vice will turn to virtue. Smoking a cigar will be more than just a cocktail fascination. It will be a life-long passion. The Cigar Enthusiast also includes: - a comprehensive rating guide the history of cigars what makes one tobacco better than another - the qmystiqueq (and myths) of Cubans - timeless smoking ritualssmoke, but then came college and I joined the crowd, forming my nicotine habit over late-night term papers and computer ... out how to enjoy them without inhaling) or the occasional cigar shared with one of several male friends who smoked.

Title:The Cigar Enthusiast
Author:Sonia Weiss
Publisher:Berkley Publishing Group - 1997


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