The Ciliated Cell Transcriptome

The Ciliated Cell Transcriptome

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Multiciliated cells of the respiratory epithelium are unique in that they generate hundreds of modified centrioles called basal bodies per cell. Each basal body anchors a motile cilium at the cell apical surface, and coordinated beating of motile cilia is vital for protecting from airway infection and for respiratory function. We used mice expressing GFP from the promoter of a ciliated cell-specific gene, FOXJ1, to obtain sorted populations of ciliating cells for transcriptional analysis. In addition to successfully identifying candidates found in other proteomics and genomics studies of motile and nonmotile cilia, approximately half of the significantly upregulated genes identified here have not yet been linked to cilia, and of those a third of are currently uncharacterized. We identified several genes associated with human diseases. These include FTO, which has been linked to human obesity, and DYX1C1, which is a candidate gene for developmental dyslexia. Interestingly, FTO localizes to cilia and Dyx1c1-GFP localizes to cilia and centrosomes, establishing novel links between cilia and two genetic diseases with poorly understood cellular and molecular etiology. Finally, we identified a number of transcription factors that are differentially expressed in ciliating mouse tracheal epithelial cells, including the proto-oncogene c-myb. We show that C-myb is expressed specifically in ciliating cells, and that this expression is temporally restricted to early in the differentiation process. These results suggest a role for the leukemogenic transcription factor C-myb in ciliated cell differentiation.Efforts are underway to catalog the structural and functional components of these important organelles. We perform transcriptional assays on in vitro differentiated cultures of mouse tracheal epithelial cells (MTECs), a complex mixture of cellsanbsp;...

Title:The Ciliated Cell Transcriptome
Author:Ramona Amy Hoh
Publisher:Stanford University - 2010


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