The Clogger's Child

The Clogger's Child

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Clara Haydock had the voice of an angel - but she had the devil's own will to live ... Lancashire in the early 1900s was a place of poverty and hardship, where singing was for church and life was for getting on with. But Clara's unbreakable spirit and passion for music made her shine against the bleakness of that life. For she knew where her destiny lay ... and that destiny would lead her to love.Dora sniffed. a#39;Religion is all right as long as it doesna#39;t stop folks from getting on with living.a#39; a#39;I put her in your charge Dora. ... So shea#39;d pay, and shea#39;d go and live in some awful little room and visit me every day. ... a#39;My father used to tell me how you stopped the show when you sang about the Spaniard who blighted your life.

Title:The Clogger's Child
Author:Marie Joseph
Publisher:Random House - 2012-02-29


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