The Club

The Club

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Geoff arrived home, was arrested, tried, found guilty and executed for his fiancees' murder--a crime he did not commit. He awoke from a drug-induced coma to learn his execution had been faked and he now owed the Club the next ten years of his life. He accepted the Club's conditions and became a membe--there was no choice. The Founding Fathers having fled tyrannical monarchies of Europe established the Club as insurance against their greatest fea--a corrupt and ever expanding central government. The first name on the Club's founding documents can be found on the American Declaration of Independence.This isna#39;t the way ita#39;s supposed to go down.a€ a€œIta#39;s going down exactly as planned. Ia#39; ll wrap it all up when Kahua ... a€œHow will you explain away the video recording of you standing by the door waiting for it to open?a€ a€œPower to the camera failedanbsp;...

Title:The Club
Author:Walter Grant
Publisher:Publication Consultants - 2015-07-13


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