The Coming Economic Tribulation

The Coming Economic Tribulation

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THIS BOOK CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE BY TEACHING YOU HOW TO: SPEND LESS THAN YOU MAKE and automatically save the difference for retirement! DEVELOP A REALISTIC RETIREMENT PLAN so you can realistically budget for retirement. DIVERSIFY YOUR ASSETS so they are optimally protected. DEVELOP MULTIPLE STREAMS OF RECURRING REVENUE in order to create life-long financial security! PAY OFF YOUR HOME IN AS LITTLE AS 8-11 YEARS and invest for retirement. PAY OFF YOUR CREDIT CARDS AND BE DEBT FREE so you can have piece of mind. ENRICH YOUR RELATIONSHIPS so your life has meaning and purpose! EXPERIENCE MORE HAPPINESS THAN YOU EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE!Consider the following: agt; The average American has approximately $10, 000 in credit card debt that, with minimum payments, ... know that a substantial number of these highrisk clients will not be able to pay and that, by federal law, they will have to charge off ... According to Elizabeth Warren of Harvard Law School, there was a bankruptcy judge in Virginia who asked the credit card companies how much of what they were asking for was principal and how much was interest and fees?

Title:The Coming Economic Tribulation
Author:Larry Ballard
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-10-01


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