The Committee

The Committee

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Sanity is a precious commodity... Destruction awaits those with a shaky foundation. Author Clay Cornelius describes the true story of his collapse in The Committee. To the outside world, his life looked stable, but inside a battle raged to maintain the very structure of his being. He unknowingly built his life on drugs and alcohol, until he finally realized that the doom of this foundation was inevitable. But is there enough time to restructure? Is there anyone that can help him out of his deadly spiral? Is there hope? In The Committee, Clay Cornelius answers these questions with his life. His innovative viewpoint on mental dishevelment gives a new perspective on the struggle for self-control. His mind pulls him in every direction as he discovers who he was, who he is, and who he will be. For anyone that fights a life-or-death battle with substance abuse, or for anyone who wants to understand that struggle better, this book uniquely illustrates the mental intensity of that internal war.The truck was a Ford Expedition, a large vehicle that had a€œprestigea€ written all over it. I saw it, and my ... I continued my drinking and smoking throughout the summer of 2002 and into the fall. But my life ... The only problem was 68 clay cornelius.

Title:The Committee
Author:Clay Cornelius
Publisher:Tate Publishing - 2007-12


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