The Common Sense behind Basic Economics

The Common Sense behind Basic Economics

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Although it may sometimes seem like studying trigonometry in Latin, basic economics really is just plain common sense. But, ita€™s become so complicated in its presentation that very few are able to learn the basics. Whether academics, researchers, pundits, or legislators, few seem to have the skills to present economic topics in easy-to-understand language, or they simply dona€™t know very much themselves. With such misinformation being strewn about, ita€™s easy to see why the average citizen, first-year economics student, young professional, or even elected official becomes so easily confused. The truth, however, is that basic economics is actually quite simple and even more commonsensical . . . and it should be explained that way. It rarely is, however, and thata€™s why Ia€™ve written this book: to explain the basics of the basics in simple and easy-to-understand language that isna€™t drier than the Atacama Desert, without the charts, graphs, and formulas typically found in text books. Adding in an occasional dash of humor and politics, this book is intended to be a fun, Cliffa€™s Notes-style supplement to the typical basic econ textbook, but can also be used as a standalone introduction. Topics include most of the themes presented in an Econ 101 course, as well as a number of end-of-chapter discussions on the policies relevant to economics today.In the minds of FCC officials, ita#39;s well worth the costs they were required to consider, but did they really understand the total impact and, if not, would it have changed their minds? ... Before the 1980s, regulatory costs rarely surpassed five billion dollars. ... less than fifty-six billion dollars in 2001 to more than 100 dollars billion in 2010 (Office of Management and Budget 2014). ... In some instances, regulations arena#39;t used to change a businessa#39; behavior as much as it is used as a form ofanbsp;...

Title:The Common Sense behind Basic Economics
Author:Justin Vélez-Hagan
Publisher:Lexington Books - 2015-10-15


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