The Comparative Psychology of Audition

The Comparative Psychology of Audition

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Uniting scientists who study music, child language, human psychoacoustics, and animal acoustical communication, this volume examines research on the perception of complex sounds. The contributors' papers focus on finding a common principle from the comparison of the processing of complex acoustic signals. This volume emphasizes the qcomparativeq and the qcomplexq in auditory perception. Topics covered range from communication systems in mice, birds, and primates to the perception and processing of language and music by humans.The song of a bird, the croak of a frog, the sonar signals of a bat, the sounds that crickets make, and the calls of whales are strikingly different. Hearing any one of these signals allows us to name the animal that produced it. Birds do not croakanbsp;...

Title:The Comparative Psychology of Audition
Author:Robert J. Dooling, Stewart H. Hulse
Publisher:Psychology Press - 2014-02-25


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